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Cambria Orchids and How To Easily Grow Them in Your Home Immediately

The Cambria orchid is a hybrid with spectacular colors that is becoming very popular. It is not terribly difficult to grow and it excels at the average temperatures in most homes. They are also known as the Beallara orchid, and its parents include the Odontoglossum, Cochlioda Lindl, Brassias, Miltonias, and Oncidiums.

Getting The Correct Temperatures Set for These Flowers

Cambrias are happy when room temperatures are in the 64 to 68 degree range. They do well in a location which is nicely lit but with indirect sunlight. A window with a southern exposure is perfect for them. This one does not like to have light at root level so a regular planting pot should be used and not a transparent one such as is used with some other species.

Placing These Plants In Areas of High Humidity

A humidity level that is quite high is needed for these plants–one in the range of 60 to 70 percent. There should be lots of holes in the planting medium for air circulation and good drying. The planting mixture should look dry before watering. You should give this plant some fertilizer with every third or fourth watering.

Start Watering Correctly and Avoid Over-Watering Today

When people are having trouble with Cambria orchids, the reason is most often over-watering. The plant will do much better in a traditional nursery pot with plenty of holes in the bottom than it will do in a more elaborate ornamental pot. If the plant came from the flower shop in an ornamental pot, it is going to be a good idea to repot the plant.

An ornamental pot holds in too much water and doesn’t allow for enough air circulation around the roots. They will need to be transplanted approximately every two years. Just make sure your planting mixture is very porous and don’t pack it in the pot too tightly.

Making Your Flowers Bloom With Very Little Effort

The thing that makes these flowers special is that it does not need anything particular done in order for it to bloom. If you take good care of it, it will go ahead and bloom all on its own. The plant develops a bulbous at its base from which the flowers will grow. Any number up to four spikes may develop, and because they rise straight up from the base, there is lots of room for the showy flowers to be seen.

The Amazing Colors and Qualities of These Orchids

The Cambria plant has remarkable flowers which can come in many mixed colors. Some of these include purple with white, as well as with light and dark reds and oranges with any number of white variations. Once a shoot has stopped blooming, you can remove it from the plant. They will grow new shoots again, and then a hard, green pseudobulb will develop.

In spite of what many websites may say about them, it does not need to be put away in a cool room or not be watered as often in order for new blooms to grow. This is one of the reasons this plant is so good as a house plant. Just take good care of it in terms of light, water, and a little bit of plant food, and it will flower on its own when it is ready again.