Orchid Care Secrets Revealed

Orchid care is surprisingly easy with just a little bit of knowledge and information. With the right information you can easily have magnificent and amazing flowers growing in your home or garden in a very short time. There are a few basic tips you should know in order to grow them that will last for many years to come. In order to achieve this task you need to learn about proper light, temperature, humidity, correct watering, and what type of soil medium do they prefer to grow in.

Proper Medium That Produces Extravagant Blossoms

When it come to growing orchids you need to make sure you use the correct medium for your plants. If you plant them in regular potting soil your plants will surely die because they grow in very different soil. There are many different types of mixes you can choose from such as fir bark, redwood bark, coconut husks, sphagnum moss, and tree fiber which are all organic.

There are also some inorganic mediums as well including charcoal, lava rock, alifor, vermiculite, pearlite, and turface. Most of the time if you go to your local greenhouse or garden store they have prepackaged materials for sale. These are best for beginners because they have a mix of organic fibers that will feed your flowers for quite a long time.

Correct Amount of Light

Like most plants that grow in the wild orchids need a certain amount of light to thrive as well. Most are very sensitive to very bright light and can burn very easily if placed in direct sunlight. That’s why if you are planting indoor types it is important not to place them directly in sunlight. For example if you place them on a windowsill it is important not to leave it in direct sunlight for too long or at all.

In the summer when the light is much brighter and stronger it is recommended to place these organisms in a more shaded area while still maintaining proper light. You can also use artificial light as well if there is not enough sunlight in your are or if you don’t have a windowsill to put them on. Fluorescent lights are the best when caring for orchids because they give them the correct amount of light and the light bulbs will not burn your plants leaves.

Keeping These Exotic Plants Exposed to Optimum Temperatures

It is important for precise care that you keep your plants in the exact temperature. There are three classes that they are placed into according to their temperature requirements cool temperature, medium temperature, and warm temperature class. If you have cool temperature plants such as cymbidiums then you want to keep them in a temperature of 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Medium class ones such as cattleyas, epidendrums, and oncidiums require a temperature of 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Warm class plants such as phalaenopsis and vanda orchids need to have a temperature of 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature becomes too low the leaves will begin to turn very dark and sometimes mushy. When the temperature becomes too high you might see them turning black and yellow because of sunburn. Yes, these flowers can get a sunburn as well.

Making Sure Your Flowers Reach Their Full Potential With Proper Levels of Humidity

Humidity is also another important factor in producing beautiful blooms as well. Without the correct humidity levels they could become very sick and may not bloom to its full potential. In the summer months when the humidity is high, this should be adequate for your plants needs. If you happen to live in a dry area or during the cold dry months you may need to supply them with extra humidity. It is important to keep them with at least 60-80 percent humidity environment.

If you need more humidity you can purchase a humidifier which can increase the humidity around their habitat. If you prefer not purchasing a humidifier then you can place your plants on a tray of pebbles or gravel. Fill the tray with water making sure when you place them on the tray the water will not touch the soil. This is a great way to increase the humidity wherever you are.

Watering Your Plants With The Precise Orchid Care

Watering these flowers is by far the most critical step to caring for them. When watering you need to be careful that you do not over-water them or under-water them. This is a very easy step that many people tend to not take seriously. There is a very simple way to make sure that you have watered your flowers correctly. First, water them thoroughly making sure that they are moist. You don’t want to have damp soil, you want to have a moist medium.

After you have watered your plants lift it up to test their weight. You will want to test the weight of these flowers everyday to determine if they require water or not. If you can’t tell by its weight, then you will need to put your finger about one inch into the soil medium. If the soil is moist about an inch or two into the soil medium then you do not have to water your orchids. If it is dry then you will need to water them again thoroughly keeping them moist.

With the right information on how to care for these flowers you will be able to grow beautiful and magnificent blooms that will thrive for many years to come. Now that you know how to grow them successfully it’s time for you to grow your own right now. Good luck growing your beautiful orchids!

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