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Vanda Orchids Reward Owners With Gorgeous Blooms

If you’ve ever seen orchids associated with an advertisement for the Far East, chances are those flowers belonged to the Vanda genus. Vandas are widespread in Asia and they are actually the national flower of Singapore!

And outside of their native environments, these plants are becoming popular imported flowers. All over the world, they are one of the most commonly used orchids for commercial undertakings and are quickly becoming a popular wedding and decorative flower as well.

Locating These Interesting Flowers

The genus name “Vanda” is a testament to their antiquity; it means “orchid” in Sanskrit. They are found on trees and rocks throughout India, China, Indonesia and the Pacific Islands. There are about 50 species of this type, including the rare and highly prized Coerulea, a naturally bluish-purple flower. Despite this exception, most of them are yellow or brown in color; there are types that are green, white and pink tinged, but yellow is by far the signature shade of this genus.

Using a Support System To Keep Your Plants Thriving

Most of them are monopodial, which means they grow upward in one, straight shoot. The large majority of these flowers will adapt well to indoor life in a pot, although there are a few species that will not bloom indoors.

If you keep these species indoors, it will most likely need a support system to help it remain upright. They will grow little by little, adding a few new leaves each year. They are also known to bloom fairly regularly–every two to three months–and the flowers last for at least two weeks. Most of them produce multiple flat flowers at the same time on one stem.

Understanding The Exact Care You Need To Provide To Your Plants Today

Caring for these flowers takes a certain amount of skill, so this varietal may not be a good choice for a first-time buyer. They enjoy higher levels of humidity than most other kinds; you will have to make an active effort to keep the air moist enough for the flower to thrive.

Placing a humidifier near your plant will do the trick, but these machines can be costly and unsightly. Alternatively, you could mist your plant a few times each day or place the pot atop a bed of rocks resting in water. If you use this last method, make sure you avoid direct contact between water and roots.

Large Amounts of Light That They Will Thrive With

They like bright light every day. A good method for ensuring your plants get enough sunlight is to put it near an unobstructed window every morning, then move the plant after lunch to a shadier location. It’s not a good idea to leave any of these flowers in direct sunlight for too long; although they enjoy light, too much can still harm them.

The Best Nutrients and Soil That Should Be Used

Since most of them are epiphytes, a mix of moss, tree bark and nutrients will be the best substrate for them. Look for an epiphyte blend at your local garden store. Specialty substrates like this one can be pricey, but you’ll only have to repot them every year or two, so the cost is negligible in the long run.

If you’re interested in a Vanda orchid but want a specific color, think about finding a hybrid plant. Many hybrids are beautiful shades of blue and purple. Whatever you choose, be mindful that they take time to mature and can be difficult to raise. If you grow them correctly, however, you’ll get a big payoff–multiple year-round blooms.