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Repotting Orchids Correctly Using These Simple Steps

Sometimes repotting or transplanting orchids is necessary for keeping the life and beauty in these exotic plants from time to time. It doesn’t take that much time to complete and is very easy to do if you have the exact steps that are needed.

The Most Amount of time that this process could take is about 15 to 20 minutes and it could be much shorter once you understand exactly what you are doing. In this article you will learn all the steps that it takes to properly repotting them so that these flowers can thrive and bloom for many years to come.

All The Supplies That You Will Need To Use For Successful Transplanting of Your Orchid

The first thing that you will have to keep in mind is the different materials and supplies that you are going to need in order to properly complete these coming steps. Many tools that you will need include a small shovel, a hand rake, a sharp pocket knife, a pot, and a simple soil mix. You can find most of these supplies in your local hardware or garden warehouse at a pretty decent cost.

Disinfecting and Keeping Your Tools Clean is Critical

When performing these steps you will have to make certain that all the tools are free from bacteria viruses. Some people use bleach to disinfect the tools that they will be using during this process. You will also want to cleanse your hands of any bacteria as well so you don’t spread any disease.

Starting The Process

Take your new pot and place it to the side because you will be using this very soon. Put a little bit of the mix inside of this pot and just enough so that your orchid will have room inside of the pot. Now when removing the previous plant from its pot sometimes it may not want to come out. This is usually caused by leaving the plant to long in this pot or the roots are in there real tight.

You are going to have to take it out in order to successfully begin repotting them, but avoid pulling on the plant. I prefer tapping the bottom of the pot because it will usually loosen up the soil that is inside. If this doesn’t work then you can always break the pot open to get at it.

Checking The Plant’s Roots for any Damage

Once you get the plant out of the pot you will need to inspect the roots to make sure that there are not any dead roots or dying ones. It is okay to remove any old debris that happens to be still attach to your plants.

Old roots are not useful anymore and will not serve much purpose for the new flowers that will emerge. Use the knife to cut off any useless material and clean them as well before placing them in their new home.

Start repotting orchids by taking the flower and putting it inside of the new pot that we prepared beforehand. Now that the plant is inside of the new pot add some more mixture into the pot so that it is filled to the top and pack it down nice and firm to keep the plant secure.