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Various Types of Orchid Pots

If you plan on growing your orchid plants in your home then you are going to need to choose the correct pots in order to have these flowers blooming and flourishing for as long as possible.

There are many factors that you need to know about in finding the container for these plants to live inside of and in this article you will learn about the various types that you can get for your plants right now. Here you will discover the several options you will have and what are the best ones for your specific plant right now.

Plastic Pots

The most popular container that you can use in your new hobby is plastic. There are many reasons they are so popular, but the main reason is that they are available in most stores and they are very cheap. You don’t need to spend much money on these types which makes this hobby much more fun and forgiving.

You should always make sure that the particular plastic container you purchase has various holes for drainage and air circulation that you flowers will need to have for healthy blooms. If they are not equipped with holes on the sides and bottom then you should look for another pot until you find the right one.

Terra Cotta Pots

If you are a serious gardener and like growing orchids you may decide on the unique terra cotta pots that are also available in select stores in your neighborhood. If you are a person that likes giving their plants lots of water or if you are having problems with your flowers becoming water logged then this may be the right type container for you to use.

They tolerate much more water because the material that these pots are made out of will evaporate water much more quickly and have better drainage than any other types that are available for you to purchase.

Basket Orchid Pots

This is an unusual type of container that can be used within your home by hanging it from a window sill or other place in your home. These can also be hung outside of your home or in shady areas where your flowers will like to thrive for healthy and beautiful blooms. You can find these types of containers to be made of various materials such as metal wire, wood, or even sometimes potter material.

They will provide your flowers with much more air circulation and better drainage than plastic pots. Although these are great for these types of flowers they will cost much more than plastic pots that are found in most stores. You will also have to search for basket pots and are only found is specific garden outlets.

Other Facts about These Pots

The roots of these flowers can sometimes grow right through the drainage holes making it difficult for repotting correctly. You will have to try and avoid this from occurring if you want to keep these plants around for years to come. These are just some simple facts that you will need to know about the correct orchid pots for these exotic flowers.