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Understanding The Light Requirements for Orchids

There are a few things that are absolutely essential to healthy orchids and the appropriate amount of light is high on the list. This element is necessary for the production of flowers. If you get this part wrong, you will never have a blooming blossoms that you will be proud of. Don’t worry, there is nothing hard about this method and we will give you information on all the basics right here.

The sunshine needs may vary according to which variety you have selected to utilize, but there are some general rules which can be applied to all types. One of the easiest things to remember is that if your plant has soft, wide leaves, it will need an area with more shade than one which has long, slim leaves. The latter will do best with a good amount of radiance throughout the day.

Artificial Light Vs. Sunlight

Most of them can be given either artificial or natural methods as long as they get the correct amount. Usually, if you have your plants inside and away from natural sources, you will need to provide them with twelve hours of florescent every day. Ones that receive natural rays will need different amounts in the winter than in the summer. When the air is cold outside, many people move their plants away from the window. If your flower is getting too much in either the summer or winter, you can solve the situation by covering the window with a sheer curtain.

Adding More Light During The Flowering Process

Plants need extra light when they are ready to flower or flowering. That’s because they receive energy from the daytime sun and they are using a lot more energy when producing flowers. Often, someone will have a plant that is healthy, a nice shade to medium green color, but it never flowers. The reason could be lack of sunshine. They also may be getting just enough to maintain a healthy leaf state, but not enough to give it that extra energy boost it needs to flower.

Tips To Remember When Growing Plants Inside

Many inside orchid plants receive insufficient amount of daytime sun. Sometimes it is better to increase the light inside than it is to put the plants outside during the summer. That’s because the summer sun is going to seem extra warm and overexposure to the sun’s heat can burn the plant. It is not that much different than when a person who has been inside all winter goes out into the sun in the spring and overdoes a good thing by getting sunburned.

Getting Adequate Amount of Sunlight That is Needed

Sunshine also changes as the day goes on so you need to make sure that your flowers are in a window that is facing in the right direction for the most amounts. Lots of times the plant will also need to be very close to the window. A common mistake, especially if you like to have a lot of plants around, is to put too many on the same window sill. While it may not affect some flowers, with these you need to leave plenty of space in between the plants so that none of the leaves are blocked by another plant.

Using Fluorescent Lamps Can also Provide what Your Plants Require

If your orchids are in a room where they are not getting natural light, you need to create the same environment for the plants with artificial ones. In most cases, this means having them on fourteen to sixteen hours every day. Regular bulbs will not do a proper job either. You will need to get fluorescent bulbs to provide enough illumination without giving off too much heat.

If you have one that needs a high amount of light, you might even have to invest in High-Intensity-Discharge (HID) lamps. These are expensive initially but they do not cost a fortune to run. If HID types are on, reflectors might need to be used to prevent them from shining directing into your eyes.