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Using a Greenhouse To Grow Orchids All Year Long

If you are lucky enough to own a climate controlled greenhouse, then you have the perfect environment to grow these tropical plants directly at your fingertips. However, they will not work with all types of orchid flowers.

The majority of greenhouse orchids like distilled light and warm, humid climates. This being said, the direct sunlight that can be found in some houses could be too harsh for the average flower. Ideally, you want to have a perfect environment, where you can provide bright, indirect or distilled light. A shade curtain is the perfect solution to create this type of environment.

Keeping Temperatures at a Perfect Level

If you reside in a cooler climate, your houses will need to be equipped with a heater. Although they do require a dormant period, anything cooler than 45 degrees will kill your plants if not corrected immediately. In addition, climate control is also necessary during the warmer months. Most of them like an environment between 60-80 degrees during the day, and at least 15 degrees cooler at night. If your climate does not naturally cool down by 15 degrees, then you may need to artificially simulate this environment.

Watering Your Flowers When Growing Them in These Houses

In the cooler months, many types only require watering once every two weeks and fertilization once a month. During the warm months, you will need to increase the amount of water that you give your plants. These flowers requires watering once or twice a week, however, in a tropical environment, this need may increase depending on the amount of sunlight that they are exposed to.

Additional Advantages to a To Housing Them in This Environment:

  • Easy to maintain the humid environment that they thrive in. These houses are naturally humid, producing a similar environment to the tropical ones that most of them prosper in. However, if you find that humidity is lacking, you can wet the floors or mist the plants, without having to worry about the potential wear and tear in your home environment.
  • Easy to control air movement: making the ideal situation for the roots to breathe and to avoid harmful toxins.
  • Roof, side vents, and ceiling fans can also be used to increase air flow.
  • Grow them all year round without worrying about the seasons.
  • Control the climate and light environment without any effect to your personal lifestyle.
  • Increase flowering

Disadvantages to a Greenhouse Environment:

Cost is perhaps the largest disadvantage to maintaining these houses for orchids. Most of them require that certain light, temperature and moisture levels are maintained in order for them to thrive. Consequently, this increases the maintenance cost for the greenhouse.

In addition to cost, you need to be very aware of any possible diseases or insect infestations that could occur. If not caught immediately, an infestation will quickly spread in this type of environment, damaging and perhaps even killing your plants.

Overall, greenhouse orchids are the way to go if you can afford the extra maintenance of one of these structures, the advantages to growing them in this environment far outweigh the negative. A greenhouse environment will not only help your plants grow, but can also create a mini escape where you can watch your incredible plants flourish.