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Seven Steps To Propagating Orchids

Have you ever thought of propagating orchids, but you didn’t know where to start or how to begin with this process? Well this is a very simple and easy chore that needs to be done with these exotic flowers. It is important that your plants are propagated correctly in order to get more beautiful blooms for years to come.

This process involves repotting your plants into new containers that are bigger and have enough room for your overgrowing roots. If you want to continue to get blossoms from your plants, then you are going to need to complete this process to have everlasting blooms that will brighten your home and garden.

The Exact Steps for Successful Propagation

1. Removing the orchid from its pot should be the first priority. Making sure that you do not harm the roots carefully remove it from its old container and place it on some used or old newspaper for the time being.

2. For the most part when performing these steps your plants will have much decaying and old roots that will need to be removed before transplanting it into a new pot. To make this step easier you can use a knife to remove all this matter that has collected on the roots. Be certain that you don’t harm the roots of your plant because any slight damage can severely harm your chances of getting blooming flowers.

3. Sometimes you will find more decaying material on some plants and with others you might not find any or very little. With plants that have much decaying roots or matter you will need to get a smaller pot for your flower. If you have a plant that does not have much decaying matter, then you will need to find a much larger pot for optimum growth.

4. Your flowers will need proper drainage inside of its new home that you will use so make sure that you insert Styrofoam, broken clay pieces, or stones to allow for the proper drainage of water.

5. When it is time to place your plant in its new home you will need to ensure that the plant is at the same level as it was in its previous pot. Add proper medium into the pot and make sure the roots are level with the rim to ensure correct air circulation in the roots.

6. When placing the soil in the pot press firmly on the soil to make sure that you plants will not be able to move or fall out of the pot if a gust of air blows by them. Don’t press down too hard or you will damage the roots of your flowers. Be certain that you will slowly press down and do it very lightly when carrying out this step.

7. To secure the plant in place you can place a stick in the soil and use ties to secure your orchid in the pot. Most of the time you will not have to do this, but this will ensure that your plants are supported correctly.

If you use these steps to propagate your plants, then you will be able to have beautiful flowers that will last and bloom for many years to come. All it takes is knowing exactly how to execute this task you can easily see the benefits rather quickly.