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The Amazing Beauty of Various Green Orchid Species

Although there are thousands of varieties of orchids, there are relatively very few that are green in color. Coveted for their unique appearance, they offer a distinctive elegance among their multi-colored peers. Ranging from vivid lime to yellowish hue, the pine colored ones are exceptional and stunning.

Verdant Varieties

One genus, the Platanthera, has a variety of of these types of flowers. Interestingly, these flowers are not found in a remote tropical climate as you might expect. The Platanthera grow across North America and in Europe. In several states, the Platanthera hyperborean is considered a threatened and endangered species. Platanthera huronensis, commonly known as the Huron Green Orchid (referring to Lake Huron) grows predominantly in the northeast US and parts of Canada. The Platanthera types grow flowers on a tall, upright spike.

Cymbidiums Also Known as The Beginner Plant

Cymbidium orchids are favored for bridal bouquets, adding lovely sage color of a floral variety rather than from foliage. Native to China and Japan, there are many hybrids of the this particular plant. They are in general considered a beginner flower, easy to grow and reasonably priced. Cymbidium Loch Lomond is a stunning hybrid with pea colored petals and a white lip accented with red. Sweet Dreams have distinctive pale green blooms with lovely medium type leaves. Cultivating these wonderful plants is extremely easy with the right information.

The Hue of the Paphiopedilum Can be an Appealing Choice

The Paphiopedilum, also known as slipper orchid, has several varieties of green types. Found mainly in China and Vietnam, they differ from others in appearance with a lip shaped like a cup, a fanned leaf display, and the uppermost sepal appearing similar to an inverted heart. Species embody these characteristics to varying degrees. Flowers range in sizes from 12 inches across to a scant 2 inches.

Several Paphiopedilum types contain shades of color. The Paph.anhinga incorporates a deep evergreen color with vivid ruby. Paph. insigne combines shiny apple-green with brown, yellow, and purple in its flowers. Paph. glaucophyllum is another species with large flowers of muted colors. Paph. fairrieanum has very elaborate 2 inch flowers. White, lime, and violet combine on the curling petals.

Paph. Malipoense, a very recently discovered species, are predominantly sage with red reticulation on the petals. Paph. Maudiae, another popular one for beginners due to its ability to adapt to lower light conditions and average temperatures, has beautiful petals of varying shades of pine and white.

The Aeranthes, Dendrobium, and Phalaenopsis Species With Green Flowers

Aeranthes arachnites and A. grandiflora have large star shaped flowers. Aeranthes are primarily found in Madagascar. Aeranthes Grandiose, a hybrid of A.grandiflora and A. ramose, is also known as the Shooting Stars species. This hybrid has won numerous awards from the American Orchid Society.

Dendrobium Burana Jade is one of the hybrids originating in Thailand. Abundant lemony lime flowers grow on stalks that can reach nearly 3 feet in height.

Phalaenopsis Yellow Treasure is a very light yellowish flowering hybrid. It is a very sought after color among many enthusiasts. This genus developed in Asia and Australia.

Exceptional Beauty

All of these blossoms are striking in appearance. The shape of the sepal, leaves, lips, and foliage vary significantly. In some varieties, this hue is the predominant color, while in others it is merely a highlight. The hues range from deep evergreen to a translucent lime.

Whatever the tint, they will add something indefinably special to a collection. The unexpected surprise of finding green in a flower, coupled with the unique assortment of sizes and shapes make these flowers an orchid enthusiast’s dream.