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Some Interesting Facts Surrounding The Rare Ghost Orchid

One of the most mysterious flowers that are one of the hardest to find are known as ghost orchids. These flowers are rarely seen in any controlled habitat maintained by man because they happen to be an endangered species. They cannot be found in dry areas and are similar to tropical ones because they love the hot and humid areas of Florida and even Cuba.

If you do happen to find one of these rare species where ever you are they really are a sight to see and may be one of the only times that you get to them at all. It is much rarer to see them blooming since only a handful of them actually get to bloom and become pollinated by a particular moth. Make sure to take as many pictures as possible of this flower if you do see them in the wild.

A Closer Look at The Characteristics of This Rare Breed

If you want to go on the hunt for them then you are going to need some basic understand of what to look for and what are some of their characteristics. When these flowers first start to grow in their beginning stage they will grow two leaves like any other orchid does, but eventually will get rid of these two leaves after it gets older. When this flower gets older the roots take the role of the leaves and actually perform photosynthesis directly to the plant.

The roots are very noticeable and they will usually look like long green shoots that are extended from the plant stem. They also will be around five inches tall and can sometimes be taller. They can extend up to 3 inches wide making them a plant that cannot be ignored. The flowers of these plants also are pure white and sometimes resemble a frog which is why some people call them frog orchids.

How They Live in Their Natural Environment

Like many other flowers such as dendrobiums, the ghost one is also known as epiphytes and have the ability to grow directly on tree trunks. This is not that unusual since many other species also can achieve this task and are able to easily be grown on trees. You will most likely find them growing on or around trees in their natural habitat so make sure to check these different places when searching for them.

They require a certain fungus to allow them to soak up nutrients much more efficiently which allows them to continue to thrive and stay healthy. If this fungus is not present in their habitat it is most likely that the plants will begin to die.

Other Facts That Will Interest You

Many years ago it is said that you could find these flowers practically anywhere around the swamps of Florida, but in the past few years this plant has actually become an endangered species and it is impossible to actually find them in their natural habitat anymore.

I am sure that you can find them around if you really look for them, but you will most likely be searching for a very long time. Try searching during the summertime because this is when they begin to bloom naturally and they might be easier to spot if their white flowers are out and about.