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Where To Find Cheap Orchids

Orchids are amazing flowers to have in your home with their bright colored blooms and their uniqueness of being grown in your home. You have the information you need to properly grow these exotic flowers and now you want to know how to get your hands on some cheap ones that you can have flourishing in your home.

There are several places where you can purchase inexpensive flowers including online, stores, garden shops, shows, and even local greenhouses. In this article I am going to go through some of the best places to check out in order to get the best deal on these wonderful flowers so you too can appreciate and enjoy their beauty and color.

A Few Facts About Purchasing Orchids

One thing you need to know about these flowers is that they can sometimes be very expensive if you don’t know where to look. You can either buy them from seeds or already grown inside of specially made pots.

If you want pay a good price for these plants that will give you the best bang for your buck then it is better for you to buy them already grown inside of pots. This is the most popular choice for many new beginners to this wonderful hobby.

Locate Your Local Garden Shop

The first place you should check out for good deals on these plants is your local garden shop. These places are great because this will give you an idea of what you will be paying for these flowers. These places also include stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, and other outlets that have a garden section during the summertime. Although you might find them here it is very unlikely to get any help or advice about these unique tropical plants.

Local Greenhouses are Great Places to Buy Them

The next best thing for finding cheap orchid flowers is to take a ride and look for some greenhouse in your neighborhood. Most towns and rural areas have greenhouses that may be of some service if you are looking for these types of plants. If you find a greenhouse or nursery that has them for sale then this will probably be the best place for beginners to get these types of flowers.

Most people that work in these greenhouses can give you some helpful tips for growing your specific kind of flower that you plan on cultivating in your home. These places can be a very great resource not only for beginners, but for all types of growing skill levels.


If an orchid show comes to your area then you should take a trip to go check it out for hundreds of different species of these plants. If you are looking for less popular flowers then these shows can be a great place for information.

You probably won’t find them here because most of these shows will display the best of the best including rare types and will cost much money for the average person. Many people in these shows can also give you a very good idea of where else to look in order to get these flowers at a great bargain and where they get theirs from.

Ordering Them Online

The last place that you can purchase cheap orchids is through the internet. Many people think that with shipping and handling that it is not worth purchasing these exotic flowers.

The exact opposite is true because most places will guarantee that your flowers will be delivered healthy or your money back. There is no other place that will give you this great guarantee, so it is a great way to get the exact type of species that you are looking for.