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The Truth About Cymbidium Orchid Care

Cymbidium orchids are very beautiful flowers when you get them to grow and thrive correctly. Knowing the proper care of these flowers is an important factor if you want to have amazing looking flowers. This type of maintenance can be difficult for the beginner enthusiast, but with this simple and easy to read guide it will make growing them easier and more enjoyable for you.

Some Basic Facts About Cymbidiums

There are many species of cymbidiums mainly due to the many hybrids that have been created through cross breeding of these plants. You can find these unique flowers in almost any color including red, green, pink, yellow, and even white. They were originally from east Asia and even found in the Himalayas. Today you can grow these types in almost any climate because of their high tolerance of cold winter temperatures.

Proper Temperature and Lighting

As with other orchid plants cymbidiums love to live with high humidity levels, but can tolerate more light than others can. If you want beautiful flowers coming from these plants, then you need to keep the temperature around 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal growing conditions. You can place your beautiful blossoms on a windowsill or an area that gets much sunlight, but you need to be careful your flowers are not exposed to bright light for a long period of time.

Although they can tolerate bright light they can still be injured from long periods of bright sunlight. Try placing your new plant in the sun for a few hours then place it in the shade for another few hours. This should give them proper growing conditions. Make sure not to let the temperature get below 50 degrees Fahrenheit because this could harm your plant if it does.

Watering Your Flowers With The Correct Amounts of Water Every Time

Watering your plants properly is a very important part of proper maintenance that every gardener or enthusiast should know. If you water them incorrectly you may end up harming your plants instead of helping them. When you water these flowers you need to maintain a moist medium but do not want to have a soggy medium.

To accomplish this place your finger about on inch into the medium and if it is dry then you will need to water them. If you happen to find that the medium is moist about an inch down, then you will not need to add moisture. Find out more simple techniques that you can use to make this task much easier right here.

Cymbidium Orchid Care With Fertilizer

Fertilizers should never be used when your plants are blooming because this could discourage your plant from flowering correctly. If you think they need fertilizer you can use a nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium mixture of 20-20-20.

This should be plenty of fertilizer for your plants to grow beautifully during the growing seasons. If it looks like your plant needs more fertilizer, then make sure to give it more sparingly to keep it growing healthy and strong.

The Substrate That All of These Flowers Thrive In

Cymbidiums like most others cannot be grown in traditional potting soil that you find in any gardening store. They need to be planted in special orchid dirt that can include materials such as peat moss, bark compost, and Osmunda fiber. You can also buy commercial grade soil as well if you are a beginner.

From this article you can understand why it is important to learn the proper Cymbidium care tips and tricks if you want to have beautiful blossoms all year round. With these simple and easy to use strategies you will be able to grow and maintain them through any season for many years to come. Good luck and have fun growing these unique and rewarding flowers.